Thursday, October 13, 2005
01.30am panic attack and moment of clarity! I have a dream!
right the panic attack over and got my breath what!

I had a dream! there is 2 million of us out here who have this crap disease! If each one of us was to raise £10.00 or $10.00 for a ms charity! We could have this beat within 5 years! If each of us could get a charity page set up and linked to our own blogs and get family members or friends to give something too!....anything! We could have a cure if the money was given to the people who are looking for it! Ok I am not asking you all to jump out of a plane I am not asking you to bake cakes for charity, a yard sale! I am not asking to show you sexual organs or anything! I just saying there is people out there who love you and would give there spare change to stop you digging a needle in your arm every stop this hell we are all going through!

Personally I would do anything for the people out there who cant move or dont have anyone to help them! We can all do something! You dont have to move a mountain we just have to beat this together or not at all! If you believe in god or mother earth what ever it is,who ever it is what ever it is,we need all the help we can get! We together can do this!
if you wish to set your own up go to

speech over!
Lets do this!

p.s music for this speech- Cinematic Orchestra:Evolution
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