Monday, October 17, 2005
This is ground control to major Tom
Ok its a David Bowie tune but I think it is quite apt! Just finished a call to Kim and it was good to hear her voice. I know you can hear it on the podcast but it is so different to be able to speak to and be heard. Getting feedback on my blog was also good too! I have also been in touch with Amanda on msn messenger its so cool to speak to others in the same possition as me and I feel like I have do something with my blog now! I know I dont give much information on my blog about making your life any easier with ms! I just tell you how I am dealing with it! This blog is the soap opera of diaries and I am just showing my life and all the madness within it! I hope its entertainment in some way and if I raise a smile then my job is compleate! I still want to speak and chat with people so please get in touch!

I thought for a second that I could get into work today but I took one step in the flat and I just knew it wasnt going to happen. I need to get back into the routine again! If only for collecting money for the jump! I have to get in this week as next week I will be on holiday and wont have much time to get the message out there.

While I am still in a good mood I could do with more idea's for raising cash! Drop me a note and I will try and do it!
Todays Tune
David Bowie: Space oddity

Hope your all well!
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