Sunday, October 16, 2005
boom boom in the bed room! lol!
Jen got the chance to meet my friends and eveyone got on, there is some music differences but it was fine. I havent been that happy for a long time! We drank like we had no tomorrow! That has to happen again soon, thats what life should be about! Drinking,listening to great music in the best of surroundings with the best people! There was even dancing from Bobbeh and Jools(sorry guys you asked for it there!) I joined in too at one point! It was great! I think everyone had a good time. Jen was well impressed with everyone there! I think I have to hold parties more offtern....we will see! Jen and myself got very close and I think at one point we were close to getting a slap for not paying attention to anyone else!hehe (if we stopped face hugging we would have been more popular!lol)

I was fine when I woke up today, I turned over and Jen was there!! I havent seen someone smile in thier sleep before! I was gob smacked and I couldnt stop smiling either! How long has it been Dave! Long!hehe She looked beutifull! That was a good as my day was going to get.

2 hours later and I was thinking how much did we drink and the hang over from hell kicked in. As soon as I thought "oh no I had vodka chasers" It started! The memory kicked in too(singing Police songs at 2 in the morning oh no!). By the way its not fun doing the copaxone injection when hung over! I have to shake it off before I goto work in the morning! I have motivation to go back now. I cant go through life without that happening again!

Dave got some! Happy Dave!

Hope you all had a good weekend!
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  • At 7:32 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    Well I am so very glad that you had a good time. I took some of your advice and drank a lil all by myelf last night guess what I drank? Sloe Gin one of your favorites. It was good too..and I fell right to sleep with no hangover!!!

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