Friday, October 14, 2005
OMG People I dont know are donating....
I have just been speaking to my brother localhost and he is passing the link to my donation page to people he knows! Apparently his wife Pocketpunk is doing the same and she is collecting cash! I havent even got dressed yet and the moneys coming in! Wow! Cheers guys! I am going to have to jump now!hehe! Time to celebrate from my chair I think! Some going out music is needed....

Hardfloor(Mahogany roots!),Polygon Window,Aphex Twin,System F, Underworld and many more dancefloor fillers!!!! From my early years! Dancing in my chair like I just dont care haha!

I think its a bit to early to hit the beer tho!lol!

The sponsers are flying in from around the globe to! Just got 1 in from germany! This is amazing! Just amagine the posibilities if everyone did this who has ms! Come on!!!!

Just had my injection this morning in the tummy on the lefthand side and it really hurts! I think I went a bit deep! Thats going to leave a bruise I think! I allready have 1 on my leg...its starting to go but it was a bit worring! I must have hit something...capillary of something??? No when you hit a capillary it bleeds as I remeber reading.(so it could be!) I think doing it without the auto-inject thing might be a bit bold!(Recieved the new one this morning!)

Hope your all good!Take care!
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  • At 1:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Dave,

    As I wrote to your before, I have been on this therapy for seven years. It is weird that sometimes I get a really wicked bruise and then other times nothing. The pain ratio seems to have nothing to do with whether or not it will leave a bruise. I also wanted to tell you how much I look forward to reading you diary. When I was first diagnosed, I read and researched everything I could find and was depressed even more. It didn't help that I am in the medical field (an MRI technologist). It was just that much more up close an personal to me what I would be facing. So anyway, I stopped reading about MS until my last attack 2 weeks ago. My neuro started me on SoluMedrol IV 5 grams for a week. How terrible that was. I started getting all these side effects I had never had before. So I started checking the web to see if anyone had gone through these same symptoms. And I found your diary. You have taught me things I thought I had already learned. My email address is if you would like to email me. I live in FLorida .

  • At 1:45 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Welcome to my blog merlynn117 Email on the way to you!
    speak soon!

  • At 5:21 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    That is so great that these "strangers" are donating to you and a great worthy cause for all with MS!! I am soooo proud of you!!

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