Saturday, October 15, 2005
Party tonight!
I am having a party tonight and I cant wait! There is a collection of my best mates ever and they are coming to drink! Jen, Em, Bobbeh from the local crew and two others from up north! My front room is going to be packed! The kitchen celing light has gone out and I think there is something wrong with it because it flashed and when out!(boom!) Candles in the kitchen is rather gothic so the girl will feel confortable!hehe! I just know the night is going to be full of music and laughter!
This is what I live for!
I have had lots of thought about my funeral recently....I dont know why I bring it up now but there is one tune I want played live by someone!

Its an Alice Donut track called:Tiny ulgy world! You can hear it from there websight if you wish! It just sounds right for me I think! Sorry to think of the down side to whats happening but we all die in the end why not plan for it now while I am good and can still type....anyway the websight is Its a track from the Mule album track 10 I think! It would have to be played live! I will be more possitive in future on honest! It just needs to be said while I I am so possitive about the jump and everything that is going on in my life at the moment! I am so happy and I have every thing to look forward to! I think its getting older thing and not a feeling down thing.

Still waiting for calls from you guys by the way!
Smile and I hope your all ok

oooh another website for muic:Cinematic Orchestra
Just in case you want to hear it! my favorite Jazz stuff...just for a balance you relise!hehe!
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