Wednesday, November 30, 2005
I am getting better........honest!
This is for someone who needs a smile upon your face! Sort it out beeeach!lol

***Colplay:God put a smile apon your face***

oh yeah music getting back to things I know and love! This tune brings back so many good own smile back to my face! Looking back it reminds me of the fist feeling of freedom in my own flat! I believe I said good Vibes! and look where I have got today!lol Same chair same pc same room....on different drugs now and I am going to jump out of a plane next weekend to raise funds! Something is telling me that I am on the up but not quite there yet....soon very soon! I am going to kick some ass soon! It all in the music trust me! "Where do we go, no body knows!".

I am still off work at the moment as legs not playing! But to use Joels mantra "keep moving" and I will be soon! Just watch this space!
Hope you like the tune and you are all well!

Just rang in sick to work this morning and my team manager told me a whole team in the call centre are going to a parachute jump in the future! They were motivated by the posters I put up! Looks like my work might have to pay out some more money for us! Pound for pound what a good idea eh!hehe
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