Wednesday, November 02, 2005
The start of a new year with this!
Woke this morning with mixed feelings, yes I am looking forward to doing the jump and my site for donations is growing allmost every day....but I want to be doing more!

I want my life to be more.To mean more! Does that make sence? I have spent the last hour looking at mobility sites because I want to be able to learn how to drive again. I was learning when ms showed its face so I stopped. But why? I am human and have the right to get on with life, dont I? I would love to drive up to my parents house from Manchester and stay over. I think that would be a massive challenge. I would love to own my own car. I think the motivation for this is seeing Emma getting on with things dispite having a stick! Driving all the way up to Scotland and back I think she diserves a medal! Why can I? It will be expensive to start again so even more motivation to get back to work and earn some money. It would make my life so much easier too. Driving to the shops instead of ordering food over the internet would be great! I know getting a disabled sticker for a car would be easy enough....guess what color it is.....BLUE smurf blood returns hehe!

If I can jump out of a plane....driving wont be so much of a challenge would it? I think I am just looking for the next step! the next challenge! This is where Kim usually jumps in with something bizar! Not this time please! I want to start something for me first....oh go on then give something else as well!lol! Lets start the new year with some great challenges:
Get back to work!
Raising more money
Go back to school
Get your hair cut hippy
Look after yourself better,Diet,smoking,staying happy,excersise!
Music music music MUSIC!!!!

We will see! Dont know about you but I am looking forward to what next ms year brings.

Todays music has to be: Cafe Del Mar....just the best of album, chilled but exciting at the same time, Very like Nitan Sawheney in parts.

Anyway hope you are all well

New morning Dave!

P.s Just doing the rounds this morning and found some new to me blogs. All of which will be added to my regular reads on the right>>>>
Tai chi
Tin ribs
Doug lee

Worring but glad to see you guys have the balls to do this too!
posted by personallog! @ 10:21 am  
  • At 10:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dave, good luck with the driving!

  • At 10:27 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Is that good luck 'with' or 'without' sarcasm? All I can do is try and tell you all how! maybe it will give confidence to someone else to do it too!


  • At 2:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    no sarcasm added .just honest goodwill

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