Monday, October 31, 2005
Right lets get back to buisness!

Dave and his massive weapon!hehe!

Lets explane the title of yesterdays update! Goth heaven....oh yes! I went round Glasgow with the aid of a bobbeh walking stick(cheers guy!) and every where you looked there was a rock chick! Beutifull made up women! Eye makeup is so important!hehe! We had to stop off for lunch in a pub(group choice!) and we got served by a beautifull goth lady! I had to open up some sort of conversation just so she would hang round for a bit!ha! She told us about some clubs we should visit and about the 'scene' and clubs in the area! I could have listened to her speak for hours! Its the rolling of the 'RRRR' that makes the acent so sexy!....anyway!

I think this might have influenced my choice in cd buying:

System of the down:Toxcity
Rage Against the Machine:Renegades
Red Hot Chili Pepers:Californication

Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think now directed and controlled anger can produce something good! I want to shimmy shimmy till the break of dawn Yeah!(cheers system of the down!)

Oh and a little Jazz from Jamie Cullum to calm me down!hehe! I had a great time but I think I might have drank too much....well at some points anyway:

Not the best pic, but the only time I have ever passed out from drinking too much! I am so getting you 2 back!

Hope you are all ok(and not as tired as me!hehe!)


Just picked this up from google:

Clearest explanatation I have read in a while!(back to buisness!)
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