Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Everyone likes a drink but no one likes a drunk!
********Robbie Williams************

The tune is for my team manager at work....this is a request! You tell me what you want and I will find it!
Phoned in sick today but I am looking forward to getting back. If you dont use it you loose it! That being the case I am looking into education again....well I might be able to save some money on beer if I am learning!hehe! I am thinking web design or doing my own buisness. I will keep you posted!
Jen is coming round today to look after me....I hope!hehe! Nurse Jen wow!

Hope you all having a good christmas/new year!

Did something today which I have never done before....I have deleated Sineads number from my phone and blocked her from seeing when I am on line! I feel its about time! A friend would stay in touch especalily over christmas! She isnt anymore so finaly compleate and finished with any idea that I could go back! I am quite happy with that! Got phone call to say I am off till next year as the holidays have become available!yey! Oh and saw Jen today and the M word was mentioned! You know ding dong! Lets move in together first eh babe! I love her so much!xxxxxxxxx
Have a good N
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