Tuesday, December 27, 2005
My word Christmas was great!
What a great time! Kids laughing and family all round it was amazing! Drank too much! Spent 200 pounds on drink! I am so paying for it now! Hangover from hell!(will I ever learn?) I even got to a pub errrr wow. I have no idea how I got back hehe. My brother in law and my mate S gave me a RAF intro drink! 2 shots of vodka 1 bottle of smirnoff ice half a print of lager all in a pint glass and you have to down it in one! You swines!
That was the night I text Jen and asked if it was ok to cop off with someone else....she said "not if you want me to be your girlfriend"...so I didnt! Spoke to her today and apologised for about 30 mintes I am so sorry babe! I love you! I would never! I cant wait to see you again! I cant wait till you move in, Keys will be cut for you next week! I think I was a bit....well drunk and missing you!

Had one episode of ms legs and could not go out but I made up for it when I could. I saw everyone I wanted too and the cold weather didnt hinder me at all. I had a great time and cant wait till next year. I will embrise myself then too!hehe! I did have a fall when drunk and cut open my leg but that my own fault! It will be ok just my pride hurt there! Massive bump too.

Hope you all had a good time too! roll on new year!
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  • At 11:10 pm, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    glad it ruled my love...pissed off i didnt catch up with you as much as i wouldve liked
    take care..

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