Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Just an extra thought for the day!
there are over 3 species per day being wiped out by what we do to this planet....makes you think of how many are being created doesn't it? Could ms just be a new creation thats not worked out what it is yet? Are we the new species the next evolution of man and we dont understand how to control the developments? Lazy fat and wasted! hmm sounds like a book to me!Hehe! I should charge someone for these idea's shouldnt I? Dave the thinker!
What does my name mean?
David:Hebrew: Friend,Beloved

Hmm hebrew eh! Did you know that 666(the number of the beast!) when written in hebrew(the written language at the time of the bible) translates to: WWW
Satans tool is the internet???? Well looking at it sometimes I could agree!
Oh Ste cancelled on me too! Is this disease spreading to my social life as well?
I think I am going to take some time for me to re-avaluate somethings in my life....again! It might involve sometime away from blogging too! So I leave you with a space to request some music or whatever you want to do! Depression is....as bobbeh would say "big fat hairy lesbain balls!"
Hope you enjoy the music from this morning and I hope your are all ok! I will update with music but not text for the next couple of days!
The thinking
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  • At 12:41 am, Blogger amanda said…

    Oh Dave I hope that you get through this in one piece. You helped me so much when I was in a bad place.

    Good Luck to you ~~ sending all my love~~~


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