Saturday, December 03, 2005
I had a great night last night....and it was with me! Bobby came round for about 2 hours then he left me at 8 oclock! After I had 2 beers in me and I wanted to have I did! Listened to some great tunes and had a laugh watching tv! Ok it the same as every other night but I felt there was someone missing! The human race does do well with SOLITUDE! It only happens once in a while that you enjoy your own company. If I had the option to have someone here all the time or be living on my own I would choose to live with someone! Ok the naked intern3et surfing would have to stop but thats no problem!.....If I could get a woman to naked internet surfing with me that would be cool!lol The webcam is out of the question of course!hehe!

I find my thoughts all over the place today! I love my family and I feel something bad is going to happen and I cant do anything about it!(I am not saying what it is yet but I know it affects more than me!)

Anyway....I have recieved my first chritmas card today(its the 3rd of december!!!!) and I think I need to start looking into getting some from the ms trust and get my ass out to send some next week!lol! Got to join in the fun and togetherness that it brings!(Familly again!) I think I know what the problem is....right music on! Blind melon:Mouth full of cavities(there is no vid for it sorry!) What is it with my choice of music recently everyone's dead!
Erik Smith...dead suicide
Blind melon..lead singer to much coke...dead

Well one more band who's dead and I know it will start to get to me! At least cream are still here!
I am going to have a visit from my queen next week so the flat will be gothed up again!yey!
I have something different for you today! I am looking into poetry...lyrics really. where to start???

Something slower but the lyrics are wierd!hehe Is it poetry or not?

Well the modern day poets might be a good start! Lets try some english(instead of gangster rap!) I like it and its given me some idea's! Hope you enjoy! Right I am going to leave it there as have to get ready for the chess mistress to visit! Get the brain working Dave! I believe I won the last challenge!lol

Hope you are all ok!
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