Thursday, December 01, 2005
Not yet but nearly...
Not at work today either!Still....I feel better than yesterday! It has given me some time to do some surfing(The net!) and listen some tunes too! I think using this time to sort a couple of things out in my head...well if anyone need time to do this its me! I feel better in myself! I just need to get me back to work! I havent been drinking or smoking weed for 2 nights as there has been a reduced amount of pain! I think its a confidence thing! I am not confident that I can walk half a mile to the tram stop so I am going to do excercise today and get ready for friday I think! Do you think I am a dreamer? I do! Roll on the weekend. Got a party planned with bobby and Em! Just have to get some drink in. Then next saturday there will be another try for the jump but looking at the weather recently....I think they will put it off till june!hehe!

Oh I have booked 2 weeks of for my birthday in feb and I received a letter for my nero appointment right in the middle! Do I get them to move the appointment? Well I dont have anything planned just think its right to celebrate my birthday! I will let you know!
Hope you are all well!

Dont worry there is not many more Holiday Quotes but:
23.A Blue Velvet Jacket and a Quiff
24. Rabbits have bullets dont they?
25. No we are the occupants!!
26. Something, something standing up something!
27. A Gaggle of dietricians!
28. Big Man Dave Man(my reply would useually be "what man!")
And my Favorite(drum roll please!!!!)
29. Chickens dont have balls, Cocks have Balls!!!!

*** I am starting to sort my cd collection out into order by band name so you may see some bizar music coming out! At least I am not bored eh! If anyone can find Black hole sun by Sound Garden, please tell me where to find it! thankyou****
posted by personallog! @ 8:37 am  
  • At 4:44 pm, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    Black hole sun

    not me....but strangely i have been singing this all day wierd is that

  • At 7:18 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Good taste breeds like wild fire! I will have you as a convert soon!hahahahahahahaha! oh er....thanks!


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