Friday, January 06, 2006
Amanda! I love you chicken!
I know I have been going on about pain for a bit but it is a big thing for us isnt it? The whole if my legs worked, if I could balance, if I could all come doen to pain management! As suggested by Amanda(love you chick!) I started to look into drugs....where is the best place to start? At home! What have I got in the cabinate?

Well its pretty scarey to be doing this but you have to check when you legs are not your own! When you hit your pain barrier! Get your own way!

Now Amanda's suggestion was Amitriptyline....the main thing that jumps out on the box...."Aviod alcoholic drink!" Yes I have some in my cabinate doc prescriped it to help me sleep and to act a mild pain killer too....well I was scriped for both very carefull that you dont over prescribe you self..... I have just finished a night on it....great night sleep but I feel stoned today! I think I will stick to paracetemol for general pain and hit 25mg of Amitripline if having difficulty sleeping! My doc has given me a script for 50 mg but he has left it upto me to self perscibe when pain is heavy!

I think Amitripline is used alot for loads of different ailments looking at the instructions! I have been on the phone to the doctor this morning and told him about my pain...he has written a prescription which I will pick up later in the week! I think from what the doc was telling me that he is looking at stronger doses so I can get ready for everything that is coming up! He did mention something like co-codimol but I will let you know! If the drug gets out of the "GENERIC!" drugs pool I will let you know!

I think amitripline is going to be with me for a bit! 25/50 mg I wouldnt advise drink or smoking weed with it! Unless you like scary trip out city! No joking with it tho its harsh! Thankyou for your suggestion Amanda! I love you chicken! Be safe babe!
What a difference a day makes! We will be better one day! Just keep you head up!

Hope you are all ok!
posted by personallog! @ 1:30 pm  
  • At 2:33 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Ohhhh, be very conservative about those pain medications. It can be fairly tempting to over-medicate yourself and then you end up with a dependancy (addiction) and you certainly don't need that! I try to stay away from Aceta/COD #3 as much as possible unless I just cannot take the pain any longer.

  • At 2:39 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Its funny you should mention that! My friend mentioned he can make cocaine out of that drug! Brings a new thought about self medication! I guess the smaller amount the better! I think I will keep of it as much as possible unless I hit the WALL then come out the drugs! I think preempting the pain is going to be a hard challenge! Might not need too if the "jump" doesnt go to well!hehe!

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