Friday, December 30, 2005
I think I am being gready or insecure or something. I just want her here all the time with me! I havent herd from her in 24 hours and I want to go round to where she is from and find her! I know why this is hard....her boy friend! He is probley a really nice bloke too....but that makes it even harder.....for both of us! Non of this madness is here when I see her.

Its his birthday bad do I feel! I have never met the bloke but he must be good to be going out with Jen for 8 years! Yes I guess its going bad but these questions are there! I want to meet him so he can beat the living daylights out of me or something.....most of all I want Jen with me.... To spend new year away from her is going to knock me for 6! I am supposed to be going out today with Bobbeh and Em so I can get her a pressent...I need to do something! Just need a hug! I think its thier fault I am feeling like this. had a christmas drink with them both last night and they were cuddling on the couch watching tv. All I could think of was Jen! How girly is that? I have just got a text message from Jen and she is going to finish tonight.....she feels bad too! Why is love so hard? I guess if it was easy then we wouldnt have all the exciting bits. We wouldnt have all the joy and excitment when it is shouldnt make you feel evil tho!

I love you Jenifer!
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