Sunday, January 08, 2006
Ever had the feeling your going to get hurt?

Time for the clean up of the party madness! Half cans of beer,glasses of god knows what, empty packets of crisps and sweets litter the front room and what is that smell? Did I have a good god did I! I am sure the neighbors wont be happy! Great way to start the new year. Start as you mean to go on! I am getting to old for this I swear. They say your only as old as the woman you feel...I guess that makes me 24 again! I hated 24...25 was great but 24 again....let me get over the weekend first!!

Jen stayed for the night(thats why you get H.I.M for the music!) and it was different this time. Made me think abit. Jen was fantastic as usuall I love her to bits....I just feel abit out of sorts about the situation....she said she had to lie to stay over....I dont like the thought of that! I dont want to put any pressure on her but my god she should be here and not have too! We have talked about wedding plans and allsorts....we even have a track listing for the DJ.You know, slow dance stuff! Even got a date for the wedding...Halloween 2007(surprize!)! IT just seems to get harder everytime she leaves to go back to her normal life! I know she is hurting too and I dont want to make out that she is bad in anyway....I just have the feeling that if I push it then she could just walk away! We have talked about moving in to my flat or getting are own. I know its going to be a couple of months before that happens but there is money and a dog to sort out...its just messed up! I would rather have this shit to go through first and get it out of the way but I want to start getting happy soon! Just hang over blues me thinks! Goth hangover blues....damb!
I am listening to jazz this morning...Jamirquai...picking up cans to the beat! I will be here for her when she is ready....well I love her...but why does it hurt so much! Got shirt ready for the morning as going to work! Oh I got my pc sorted out! Got a new hard drive too! 80 gig external drive and my printer is working too!yey! Hope you like the tune and hope you all have a good week! A a note for Bobbeh...dont worry about the broken picture frame....I will get rid of the broken glass too!

Have good one!

Maybe this guy has the right idea for finding a damb cure..go for it Mellor Map that cure
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  • At 12:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If you never get yourself out in the "mix" then you will never know what it feels like to love or to be loved. Hell ...its scary but then so is a life alone.

  • At 12:13 pm, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    When are we going to meet this girl Dave......bring her to the jump and curry night

  • At 12:17 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Sorry PP she is not available for the jump weekend...shit this weekend! You will get to see her honest. She is looking forward to taking the Wharrier princess title! hehe!

    And what the hell are you on about anon? Is that my ex per chance?

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