Saturday, January 07, 2006
Its the weekend!!!!
****NIN-Head like a hole****

Like I need another!lol! Well I am going to be in the same flat drinking but....there is going to be people here! The people are close mates! I am looking forward to it! Jen is coming too!yey! She may be in the firing line tho! I am getting 'antsy'(if that's a real word)! I need her here!

Anyway the music above reminds me of a few nights out in Blackpool in a club called Jenks, there was so many nights when this tune was on! Jen loves NIN too so who knows about the future eh!

I did have a computer problem yesterday and I thought the harddrive on my PC was reaching its demise! But I got my engineer's head on and fixed it!!! I asked my older brother what was up with it and he said I may need to replace it....but no! It might be user error in the first place but I fixed it! I think it might be a good idea to back up every thing I have in the future. I really dont want to go through putting all my cd's on to the computer again. That would take about a week! Why do I tell you about this? Well backing yourself up with anything your doing is allways a good idea isnt it?

So on the search for new drugs and new practices I know I have to keep up with the copaxone every day(even when hung over!)
Hope you all have a good weekend
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