Monday, January 23, 2006
So I start my birthday holiday for 3 weeks!yey!
Its weird...I am off work and didnt have to call in and tell them I am sick! I know its going to be a strang couple of weeks for me.....I am going to be 30! It scared me at first....but I know I cant do anything about let it be eh! Just another number! I means on filling in forms I select and next age group up! So what!

There are more impressing things I need to deal with! Like finance! Now Jen is with me will she be responsible for any debt that I leave behind me! Hmmmmm. Do I have to show my age and start sorting out my debt? I think so. Its strange to have to take someone else into my debt. I had all my debt covered by insurance anyway so I have been spending loads to keep myself happy! Music, dvd's, books and more and more beer! I have to get this sorted now! I have worked out it is now standing including loans and stuff at about 10 K! Shit!

Well in a bit of crap.... I have savings(personal) and bank savings share plan...problem sorted for my side of the debt in november this year! But I need to start a savings plan for the both of us...for our future! My god Dave the adult! When did that happen!!! I cant walk far(you mean you cant run away from debt Dave!) but I know I have another reason to return to work and I am going to do it! I so want to make her happy! I need to sort out some insurance to....I wonder whats available for the afflicted! There is going to be a stand at this ms convention I told you about showing insurance....I cant wait to have a look! If I find out some good links for the ms'er they will be put on here I promise!

I am looking forward to the future for the first time in ages...and I am no longer worried! I have someone to hold my hand in the scarey moments and that makes me smile longer single! I have to be the man again...ok for the first time maybe but the feeling is good! A new braver Dave...what can I do now!(Jumping out of a plane seems stupid now eh!hehe) I know I am not just doing things for me anymore.....and I like that! I think this blog is going to take another turn...for the better! Meeting the parents is going to be fun! Weekend after my birthday we are going to my Mam and Dads and I cant wait to show off my girl(my girl! that sounds great!) See no matter how bad ms gets we are still human and we do still have a life....ok I am disabled and there isnt anything I can do about that but I am going to give life my best shot! Isnt that the idea?

Jen got me the Dresden Dolls album for a present and my god its amazing! I have to get her something.....I know I am going to try and make her smile as good as mine!(LOVE YOU BABE!)
God its been a lovley day, everythings been going my way, I had so much fun today and I am on fire!(Dresden Dolls!) Love ya babe!xxx Tickets for the gig have to be ordered!

Hope you are all well!

****Ahhh crap just found out Jen is giving up smoking! Damb that means I am going to have to do it too! Just bought 100 too! I had better start soon eh!****

Spoke to Cheeky Camille today!hehe! Funny girl! gave me some things to look into too! look after yourself girly no driving tho you sound dangerouse!hehe!Love ya babe!xx
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  • At 12:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi, dave, let clarify my prior comment a bit...i cannot post comments at the new site, because i do not have a blog, and i wish to post comments at the new if you and jen would consider allowing non-blogger comments at the new site, you will hear from me there...

    or, if not, then you shall hear from me here...

    so you're 30, eh? an old saying from my days as a young man says that you can no longer be trusted (hahaha) "Never trust anyone over 30"...oh wait, you've got another year to go...look forward to the future, as you say!

    as pocketpunk has said elsewhere, true love does exist, and her experiences and yours give me hope...

    and that's all we need for redemption, eh?

  • At 12:45 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Dude! Do a blog man....or woman! Its nice to other people blogs and get to know people too! If I can do it(ande I am diseabled!) I am sure you can do one too! We would love to hear from you at our doesnt have to be a big blog at your end! Those feelings and stuff we want to read too! Go on you know it makes sence! and to be honest I havent worked out all the code and all that bollocks!hehe!

  • At 1:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    can't be arsed, dave, i have serious daily responsibilities in my career and many other interests (including romantic pursuits) which preclude blogging any time soon...i much prefer to read and fulfill my writing needs through comments and have said in many other places that every writer needs an audience, so now you have one...

    on the turntable, Dire Straits, "Water of Love"

    i thank you again for the inspiration to listen to Iggy Pop a couple of days ago....

  • At 2:53 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Cool never had a stalker before!hehe! Just keep it away from my girl...and my sister in law too!lol! tell us a bit about yourself or do you want to stay in the shadows for the rest of ye life? Just to use an old saying in the buisness....know your audance! I am still listening to Dresden dolls!


  • At 4:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    read comments
    for a glimpse at past history

    much info buried at edjog's site as well, but you'll have to dig very deep...

    who i am now is in plain view at Nobody Knows it

    never heard of Dresden Dolls, punks?

  • At 4:47 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Yeah I would say so in there own way! They are individual and I like that! I will read up on ya but you welcome here as everyone is! This is public after all!hehe!


  • At 5:14 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    Dave I am sooo happy for you and Jen!!! Congrats!!! You deserve to be happy that is for sure you are one hell of a guy..and Happy Early B-day...don't worry I won't 4get it either!!!

  • At 8:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yo Dog!! Long time dude! Hope you aren't lying about your age!? We all know you are only 25. Mentally of course! As if you are 30! Thats my domain and you know it! (oh and I see there is an Amanda leaving comments! Sure she is lovely....personal experience and all that!) If there is gonna be a wedding remember the ones you left in sunny blackpool coz we know where you live!!

  • At 8:27 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Shame you didnt leave your name!I think I know who it is....Adam yeah!hehe!
    No probs mate!

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