Sunday, April 16, 2006
Happy Easter! Err not!
Yesterdays picture(below the selfpity music) is of Ouroboros(Thankyou Red Dwarf VII), this is an ancient alchemy symbol depicting a snake or dragon [DNA] swallowing its own tail, constantly creating itself and forming a circle. It was to symbolize my love for Jen,wait up,for every woman that I have ever been with. Its to show my never ending love, infinity....This sounds like crap! I am sick(in more ways than one!) of being this used and abused like a big, bag of streaky geordie piss! There is more to me than my walking stick and great music tastes(I was going to say my bedroom ability here!)! I have an internal monologue(which is slowly being adopting the very scary accent of Bobbeh!!!ffs!) telling me to be happy and get on with my life but I am finding it harder and harder to get on. Be happy that Jen has a new start to get on with, it will do her some good. I can understand the mental torment she must have been going through but I have to look after myself and this means in every way. Mental and emotional....It still sucks though.

Maybe Ouroboros symbolizes the infinite struggle of male, female relationships....No its life and its infinate wounder. Or its Dave making the same mistakes over and over again!

Last night I sat on my own drinking(which is always a bad idea Dave!) thinking of what to do now. I don't know what to do. I see Jen again on wednesday and I cant wait....well I do love her. Last night she was at a party. One day the disabled Dave will not be forgotten where ever the party is. I have to say sorry to all for future updates. They are going to get very depressing! How very GOTH of me! Is it alright to be selfish and want something for me?

The picture is my flat!An angry
Hope you are all well, happy Feffing Easter!
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