Thursday, April 13, 2006
Confidence? Where are you babe????

I was planning to go to work today....I kissed Jen goodbye as she left for the day(she is not living with me!) and for the first time in a while I felt confident that I could go to work...That didn't last long! I sat down watched TV for a bit, had a coffee. Its when I stood up and I got a pain in my left knee, that I remember very well, that tells me its not going to happen today Dave. I had a fresh shirt on. I was wearing work pants. But I just knew today wasn't going to happen....When you know, you know. At this point I knew not to push myself, so I didn't! I am going to do some work today and get the flat sorted and finally get unpacked. I know I have to catch up with some of you guys so you may see me on your own blogs but today I am going to be listening to NIN(The Fragile(Fantastic album,a bit of a change to their usual stuff but I love it. La mer is one of my favorite tracks!)) and just relax. Well I do have work at the weekend and need to keep some strength for Jens visit on Friday!hehe!

How do you build confidence in your own body? How do you? I am very close to jumping out of the plane(touch wood and cross your fingers for luck it will happen this time!) and I need to be confident that my body will be there! Maybe there is exercise I can do to give me strength. I have read that the best exercise for an ms'er to do is resistance training and I think that's the way to go. I will have a look and advertise it here when I find the best ones! Do you have any the would be a benifit? Let us all know! Were in this together now!

Steph...I want you to get in touch, you have no blog so I want to get to know you better like I do the rest of my readers drop me a line..

Please see new link to the MSRC wrist bands! They need your help!

Hope your all ok!
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  • At 5:39 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    Oh, don't loose your confidence! We are all here to help, and we know you can do it. I am sorry you were unable to make it to work today, but it is good that you are able to recognize what your limits are (not all of us are that smart sometimes). One thing about MS is when you over do things, it only gets worse. Take it easy, enjoy your day off. Tomorrow is a new day. Jaime

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