Tuesday, April 25, 2006
I need a Battery shoved up my ass!
Time to wake from this fatigue with some old school rock! I am coming out of the dark and getting back on there horse of constant work again! Bring it on! I have missed so much but got very close and personal with a square foot on the ceiling! There is nothing you can do but except that your body just needs the rest. When you have ms you are working all the time even if you are in rest. Its hard so get ready to watch a lot of TV and videos. It gives your mind time to wander and develop a firm phycosis which is not good. Best cure for that is to except it is going to happen and wait. I know I have a few day of it left but I am on the fix and have nothing but the good times ahead. It falls right on time too! I have a busy schedule coming up and need to be feeling good especially for the Dresen dolls gig! I want to go and will only miss it if I have to dance while I am there!lol!

There is a couple of thing I want to thank you guys for, the constant chasing through emails, the reminders and virtual hugs. I love you guys to but.....I cant believe you have a top ten and dont include anyone not from the states!!!! Geese!

I have some catching up to do with everyone but I will be back up and working to my normal standard soon!

I hope you are all well...no really!
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  • At 3:35 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    About the top ten...You are #1 in my book! I am glad to see you are out of the 'dark' and things are looking up for you! You have a great time off and get some much needed TLC. Talk to you soon. Jaime

  • At 4:44 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Mmmmm, ass battery. Reminds me of ass pennies.

  • At 6:54 pm, Blogger Kim said…

    I'm not from the states and I was posted on the top 10! ;) Maybe they only serached in North America?

  • At 3:00 am, Blogger amanda said…

    Oh Dave I feel so horrible that I haven't "talked" to you, not on MSN not even through e-mails....

    It was hard to be on the puter with the kids being home for break and the fact that my life (my puter) decided to just quit on me for a few days made that hard too.

    I hope that everything is getting back to my normal Davey with you..and I miss you a lot you are a lot of times my rock and the person who is pretty darn good at putting that much needed smile on my face...Love ya!!!

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