Tuesday, April 18, 2006
.......In the famous words of Bobbeh.."Balls to this!"
****Dresden Dolls collection of 3***
Track 3 is very relevant....Sing! I should have had WAR PIGS! On here. Some thing to get the blood flowing again! You know you cant keep Dave down for long! Its the seed of Dresden Dolls that always gets me going! I cant keep quiet for long with the gig coming up soon! I watched the DVD again this morning and it has bought the Dave light back! Last time this happened Kim suggested Jumping out of a plane....I still have to get you back beeaach!!!!lol

Well the ms conference is this weekend and I will be going to see what I am supposed to be doing!lol! I am going on my own.

Yes I am off work still as any stress at all just knocks me on my ass. This time I am going to do something constructive and consider my future. Mine. Not anyone else's. MINE!

And now time for another of my famous lists:
1. Think long and hard about moving out of Manchester.
2. Find a new job
3. Get some regular and reliable routine in my life

Quite a challenge I know but you have to start somewhere dont you!I still have alot to do with this flat and Manchester in general(job, health care, money!) but I KNOW I CAN DO IT! I already have some interest in a 3 bedroom house near my parents but I dont want to say to much about that till its more certain. I will keep you all advised as usual when it happens! I think the idea with depression is.....get on with it. It will still be there tomorrow but deal with it when it happens! I am still alive and I want to live!!!!!
Hope you all well

P.S Thanks for all the great emails. They mean so much to me. Thankyou!
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