Friday, May 05, 2006
The heat is slowly building....
This is the first morning in a week Jen hasn't been here when I have risen. It is strange but I knew she wasn't going to be here as she has to go to her parents to check on her father, he isn't too well and needs her to be there. I understand this. She will be back tomorrow for the gig(this is why I am leaving Dresden Dolls on!) and I think I will be ready. Its going to be a challenge but its so going to be worth it. I love the band.

Right the title...The heat is getting to me a bit over the past two days but I have been showing the 'man face' in front of Jen. Pain management is needed today but I am on my own so I don't have to show off. The heat is giving me the ms shivers but its managable. I have a new stance for the Elvis knee!I just have to take it easy today so I am ready for the gig. No drinking today!hehe! I just hope I don't over do it tomorrow as I am back at work next week(that should be fun!) and I have a few things to sort out so I can get in. I have done some reading on this(as you might imagine) and it works out that the business I work for has to claim for taxi fares from the government. It comes under the access to work law that was passed in 94 (please correct me if I am wrong!) but because I have worked for them for over 2 years...They should help me get access. If I have to look into how they should claim it I will....To be honest I could see then retiring me off or firing me!(Either way works for me!) I have enough business acumen to know its not worth thier while to keep me on the books if I am not getting into work. I have a feeling this is going to be a future interesting read for anyone in the UK who has ms and is working so I will keep everyone updated. Well if they fire me anyway!hehe

I know I havent done much reading this week and I need to catch up with some friends who live in the internet world but honestly I will do the rounds soon. I have missed sitting here typing.....Well not too much as I was busy!lol! Its is great to feel like a man again. Disabled but can still rock someone's world!hehe!

Just got a message from Jen saying Dresden Dolls is sold out(so its going to be busy!) and they are being supported by a band called:Devotchka.
If this is the case I am not wearing makeup! I have just found some music by them....They are a punk band (tacks like:Punks Unite!! and Oi Troy)with a lady lead singer! But the band:The Devotchka's. Is a a girly goth band(more likley) who don't sound to bad(tracks like:How it Ends)! If there is a danger of me getting my head kicked in by a punk I am going to have to be prepaired for it! Some excitment what ever happens!hehe

Hope you are all well, sorry for the dirt!hehe
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  • At 3:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hiya Dave,

    Yay for live music! I am envious. I never made it to see my family, but I am sure i will later this month. I hope you have a kick ass time at Dresden Dolls. Why no makeup?


  • At 4:07 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Hi Steph!
    UK punks can be very unforgiving to a bloke in makeup! erm stuff em! Bring on the makeup!lol

  • At 4:50 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    I don't know a lot about the Access to Work law there in the UK, but in the US we have the ADA which protects people with disabilities from getting discriminated against (fired because of the illness, etc.) You may want to look to see if the Access to Work law covers you in this way. That is one of the difficult parts of this illness. On one hand you want to work and be independent for as long as possible, but on the other, when are the accomodations just too much? I say as long as they are willing to help you do your job and you still want to do it and are able to do it, go for it. It is amazing how much being able to work can help the mental aspect of this illness.

    No appologies for being busy and having a life. We understand and are happy for you! Just try not to over do it. When things slow down we all know you will drop by on us and say hi.

    Have a great time at the concert! I am glad to see you are doing so well. Please take care of yourself.


  • At 10:58 pm, Blogger localhost said…


    lets get a couple of things straight here.

    first of all. wtf?! punk's are intolerant of makeup? where did you hear that? that sounds like utter shite to me.

    second - have you actually heard devotchka? they are about as punk as the telly-tubbies! i'm serious! chris deburgh is more hardcore than these guys! they are a four piece consisting of a violinist, a double bass player, a drummer and a singer. they like traditional russian music.

    geezer. you are going to a gig, not a war zone. google is your friend. say it with me...

    'google is my friend'

    enjoy. less of the punks are evil please. i've been one for a while.


  • At 11:08 pm, Blogger x Bobbeh x said…

    No, wrong! lets clarify some further stuff, this is a dresdens gig there wont be a single proper punk there at all cause most of the dreden fans are either old grunge or drama students.Hense the whole punk caberet vide of the dresden dolls. So, with what localhost has to say about devotchka then its gona be about as violent as a Hanson gig.

  • At 11:09 pm, Blogger x Bobbeh x said…

    I ment to say vibe by the way. Im as high as a kite!

  • At 11:39 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Cheers for the imput guys! I will be me for the gig no matter the clientele. I am sure I fit in with either group of retrobates. No matter who they are! Doom begets doom sort of fashion.hehe!


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