Monday, May 01, 2006
Recovery week/what's next bucko?
****HEART SHAPED BOX (Nirvana)****|

I have had a great time this weekend and now its time for the never ending hang over of ms...What's next? Get more music and start to look at my life again?

The greatest problem with ms and living with it is the time you get to think.

Have I led a good life? Have I done everything I wanted to do? Will I be able to in the future? And the corker that gets me every time....Could I still do it?

Ms is hard, ms is a bitch, ms is mine and it sucks but I am going to do it the best that I can! I am full of hate when I think I could have done 'this or that' but that hate I have to bottle or I will end up doing something like Jigsaw in Saw the movie.(yeah right Dave!!!) That hate I need to channel into something positive or it will kill me! Its keeping bottled that makes me the man I am...Isn't it?

When the friends have gone and the body no longer works there is only my family and music left. That makes me very angry that I didn't appreciate life when I was capable and get every bit and enjoy it! Ok there is lots I can still do even with being disabled but its the choice now that has a different shade or color!

Maybe I am just getting these thoughts now instead of being 65 years old and looking back over my life.(I didn't use any age group in particular here, I just think its relevant that's all!) Every day, a mid life crisis eh!

All the way through my rock teenage years I said I would be dead by 30...Now I am here....I am now dead! Its just the living dead that's pissing me off!
That being the case I am going to look at this as a new start to a different type of life! I think the shade just got a little lighter. Lets give this a good shot eh!

Plenty of more cookies and donuts to eat!hehe

Hope you are all well! Plenty more years to rock!!

I just listened to a beautiful piece of music on Michelle's blog! Click here to see it Or at the side>>>
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