Friday, April 28, 2006
Happy again!
Happy again! She spent the night here and we got drunk with me little brother and my mate Jools! Lots of drink and only one espisode of wobbly legs! All stress relieved! Received CD's through the post(last cd to complete my Nirvana comlection and The Magic Numbers album, hence the music this morning!) Having a great weekend and I think its been needed. Still got things to unpack but I am so glad I spent time with my family. The moment when I felt most happy over the last week was when my niece fell asleep on my lap after her first full day at nursery...what a moment to see the ginger beauty in my life to finale rest with her sick uncle Dave! I nearly cried. I know! How soppy!

I will sort the code out to get all the links back soon honest! I just need to spend some time on it...sorry guys!

Jen pointed out that a year last Monday, Sinead and myself broke up and that may have something to do with feeling bad.....The subconscious is mad isn't it!
I am happy today and I hope you are all in the same boat!
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  • At 2:12 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

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