Monday, May 22, 2006
Hmmmm..... Friends????
******WITH OR WITHOUT YOU (U2)********
It was used in friends that's all! I haven't heard from Em so maybe its for her....Maybe its just for me! I like U2....There I said it!

Its been a strange couple of days/weeks. Mixed emotions, mixed feelings. There has been one definite feeling that I have felt...And that's love! Strange aint it!

Well I don't have any ms news for you.There has been loads of money raised and we have to wait for results from testing for many of the research projects. I don't think I have to show the millions of dollars results from the ms walk or run(and many more!) but I know the waiting game and I am looking forward to the doc's finding a cure! We just have to wait!

I have a few things coming up soon:
Tomorrow I have an interview with a training company, Expanding current knowlage in the IT field!
In July I have the next attempt on the jump!(Please!!!!)
I have a meeting with a group that are going to sort out a wheelchair for me!(self propelled!) I think they need to messure me or something. I dont think my ass is much bigger than it was before.(two of my girl friends(ex + Jen) have said I dont have an ass!)
Anyway I think I am heavliy into a relapse but my head feels better than it has done in months. I still havent been into work,I haven't spent a day with my new team manager at all. But I have a feeling I will get on with her better than my last one!

I have been without Ginko Billboa for two months now and I want to get some more as I feel I have missed it. I want to give a run down on what it does you here but I will save it for future updates. I get paid this week and I am looking forward to a beer soon. I have had 1 can in two weeks(please dont ask me to stop it!) and I miss the social aspect of having a drink!

Sorry this is a big update, I have been busy!
Hope you are all well!
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