Sunday, May 14, 2006
Jump didn't go ahead.....again!
Hmmm do you get the feeling that fate hasn't decided how its getting rid of me yet??? Weather.....again! I have it re-booked but I am not telling the date as maybe telling you lot is giving it bad karma or something!lol

Good bit about the weekend is I got to see the family again and I got the last album that I needed to compleate the Korn collection!Yey!(hence the Korn tune!) Life still seems a bit messed up at the moment and I dont know where to start.... I am getting a wheelchair from the NHS via my ms nurse so I will have fun breaking that in! I think I will attack it with black spay paint when it gets here and I have to think of a name for it as it will spend some time getting to know my ass! Any suggestions?

Anyway I am scheduled to call work in the morning and I have to pick up some meds at the docs in the morning so I am going to get some sleep! Night all! A very tired Dave!

Hope you are all well!
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