Wednesday, May 17, 2006
No change in music today....Still happy!hehe
I had a thought....Bear with me, It does happen from time to time..... I have had a few wobbles recently and I listened to Kims podcast again. There was one thing that stuck out and it had to do with some certain foot wear that she told me about to improve mobility. The shoes are are slightly missshaped and your body has to re-learn how to walk in them. I can remimber the name for them or what they do but it gave me an idea...What if we are receiving tremor's in a different way! My hands are shaky at the moment and I have a few issues with being able to walk....But if the is exercise in re-training my hand eye coordination. Whats available???

Well you might see this as a bad idea but what about playing computer games? Ok you have to sit comfortably and if you choose the right game. But I think it will work....Won't it? I am off work and I am sorry but I need to keep all my energy for living my life. I am being honest with myself and I know I would be sent home anyway!

Well now I have time on my hands I am going to entertain myself with a couple of old games I bought off Emma. I didnt sleep well last night but when I did it was a heavy sleep as the pain killer I took has knock out abilities!(Amitriptyline!) I dont think mixing it with drinking coffee all day helps! I think I am going to hit the games today, relaxing and improving the hand eye coordination(the best excuse I have ever made!) I will let you know if I see any improvement in....Err...Anything!lol!

Hope you are all well!

Cant be a blood donor if you have ms! Mine is O neg and should be able to give to anyone! Have a read here to look at a ms'er in the UK!
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  • At 3:13 pm, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    amitriptyline is not a pain killer but a sedative or anti-depressant ...basically just chills you out

  • At 3:35 pm, Blogger personallog! said…



  • At 4:43 pm, Blogger Jaime said…


    I remember hearing at one point that video games are a good way to work on hand-eye coordination! I am not sure about computer games. The video games had something to do with the game controlers (I believe).

    Saying that you must realize there are a whole bunch of other problems that can come from playing these games. They can be very adictive, some of which have been shown to cause seizures in some people.

    I think if you want to get out the x-box, ps2, or whatever game station you have from time to time and play it, that is great. As long as you know your limitations, you have played the games before and don't have risk of seziures than I say go for it! Have some fun.

    I am glad to see you are happy. Please take care of yourself.


  • At 5:13 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Good advice baby! I hope people still follow the rules on my blog! I dont claim to be a doctor or even work in the medical field....I just report what works for me and what I am doing. Its a diary and nothing more. Theroy is paramount here such as this disease. The primary thing is to have a laugh at my own cost. There is no better medicine than being able to laugh at ones self! But Danger games are bad for your health!lol
    I will let you know what happens to me!

  • At 12:32 am, Blogger amanda said…

    u know what I have been "playing" when my (stupid) hands will allow Super Collapse 3. I loved Super Collapse1 and 2 and when I found 3 I bought it..let me tell ya it sure as heck helps me motivate myself enough to at least TRY using my hand more. I remember all the OT excercises that I "learned" in hospital...but sorry Idon't wanna shuffle cards(that's why I asked for a card shuffler for x-mas) and I don't feel like playing with putty or putting a washer on a bolt or anything like that!!!!

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