Friday, May 12, 2006
Its raining in Lancaster!...erm yey! No bad Dave!
Well the heat was nice and the worry about the jump was good but I cant help feeling some relief with the weather report today! I havent had a call from the jump sight yet but I have a feeling that they will ring soon....(ring that phone,ring that phone!). I will do it if they dont ring. I am really tired today, I have a monster hangover and I just want a hug and about 4 hours sleep. I know the 'its your own fault' rule and I dont want sympathy but in my defence if I had no spastic legs I wouldnt have had a drink! I was glad when Jen bought the vodka as I have no money but I so wish I could have been told of the vodka hangover.....I know!

Oh well!
I will keep you advised with the jump news as and when it happens. Wish me luck!

Hope you are all well

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