Wednesday, July 26, 2006
So You all agree....we need to do something yeah?
I am going to hospital today to get messured up for a wheelchair(ass fitting!) but I real do want you guys to record your drum beats and post them on so we can see them on here too!
You dont have to have rythm or anything(I will sort that out from here if you send them to my email!) just need to start collecting them so I can mix them into a tune. Weather its a smashing plate or pens on the table or beating a bin on its side. Just need to have it recorded and sent to me. There are so many bands created on the internet that are snapped up and reach number 1 in the charts here! Come on lets give it a go! Give it to me baby!hehe I am serious! Do it now!!!!!

Record it through you webcam, video recorder what ever format you can but get it to me. There are so many bands that have done it before so why cant we!

my email:

You dont need to show your face if you dont want to. Just lets get this done so we can start getting the public to hear US!
Lets do this please!

Just a reminder of what can be done click here for video files
Hope you are all well!

*****Update: I just got back from disablment services and they messured my ass for a wheel chair....
"Would you like a green one Mr Wharrier?"
"Err what else is there?"
"Hook me up!!!"
"You are a big boy arnt you"
"You saying my bum looks big in this?"

Always the comic in hospital....I dont know why! Maybe its because they poisend me last time with chemo! 6 weeks before it gets here! Brand new too!
Oh well
Hope you are all well
posted by personallog! @ 8:21 am  
  • At 6:15 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    Stomp looks interesting! Something I would love to go see next time I go to NYC (might be a while...damn health anyway). I am glad you are getting your wheelchair. That should help out a lot. I hope you are doing well. Take care of yourself!


  • At 7:30 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Would you like a green one Mr Wharrier?"
    "Err what else is there?"

    Sounds like something straigt out of Monty Python's Holy Grail!

  • At 7:59 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    We all sound like that over here! Dead parrots and all!


  • At 8:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "We want....a SHRUBBERY!!!!!"

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