Monday, September 11, 2006
It was horrific...It scared the whole planet...We all remember!

As long as we remember the people who died we will have learned something. Its if we can stop it happening again that we will know we have. Just a thought for all who have been effected before I go on my own challenges of everyday living. I will give you an update with any news that I get from my nero later today. Just to let you know that I haven't forgotten!

Hope you are all well

*****After the Neuro appointment*********
I saw the doc and I was very happy to see him after the wait for the ambulance. The journey was a nightmare! I love people who live in manchester but there is something about a certain group who just wind me up. I think you get them everywhere. The moaners,the people who want to know everything about you when they have just met them. It just might be people who have to go to hospital and they are nervouse about going. Anyway I digress....The nero has taken me off Copaxone. Didnt give me an option just said "I am going to take you off". So I am medication free!!!!Yey I think! I get more space in my fridge as I wont have to store injections.

I know the next step for me is to get used to the fact that it is going to be a life long disablement. Yes it going to slowly get worse and I can slow progression with physiotherapy and excersise. Now its my work.....OMG! I know the drugs I have advertised are for flare ups of the disease but they do help with getting yourself to a managable area of being disabled. I cant believe that I am here. I have made it to this point. My next appointment with him is in 1 year. He did agree with me that PMA is the next step..He said "Well done keep up the good work!" It can work! I still have ms ofcourse and I am not cured of it but I think I can do this life and thats what counts......isnt it?

This is the best news I have heard for ages so please be happy for me. I am still going to fight on to find a cure. Now I can concentrate on looking after my friends and getting my life back on track. I have never had an urge to have a beer more than now. Maybe getting back to work is the next step. Live music tonight is going to be a great help! I cant wait to see Jen and tell her the good news! No more Copaxone!yey!

And the original: Metallica:One

Hope you are all well!
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  • At 2:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Fantastic news!!! No more big lumps under the skin for you - w00t! And WHY does it have a pH of 3....arrgh.

    Whatever you've been doing, keep it up...

  • At 7:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I wish I could listen to music at work! Don't answer this if you don't want to (cause it is none of my business), but why are you off copaxone? How long were you on it for? Have a kick ass time tonight. Live shows can fill you up with incredible energy, so enjoy.


  • At 8:23 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    Dave: Stronger than ever before! Hope you are doing even better than me.

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