Sunday, September 03, 2006
My legs hurt today!
I think its going to be a long recovery thing!

As well as getting my body to work I am going to have to get my mental state in order too! If emotional trauma was the cause to give me ms then I have to make sure I can rebuild that too! Bring on the good news for Dave. My cable TV company has given me access to digital television. I think in the US its like TiVo(jugging my knowledge of sitcoms!) This is not going to cost me anything more than I am paying now. Infact its just an upgrade of the services I have already.

It very nice of them to do it. I have also found how they plan to get more money out of me too! You can order films and watch them at a push of a button. You can also order full seasions of things(24 season 5 comes to mind) like comedy and science programs. I got to a show that I want to see,The Mighty Boosh, and it let me watch the first 3 episodes. Then it told me the next season was going to be 49p. Wahey!

49p for a season is fine in my books but I know I am trying to get out of the house and having good TV is not going to help at all!!!! But I will have fun!

Legs hurt today and my arms look like they have new life! I had forgotten how painfull muscle pain could be! I feel like I am recovering from running a marathon! Am I pushing myself to hard? (We will see dave!) I think I will take today off from the block circuit but I will continue the arm work. Sunday is a day of rest last time I checked!
I told you DJ Shadow is good!
****DJ Shadow:Giving up the ghost******
Wish you all well!
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  • At 11:57 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    Glad you got digital tv. Hopefully you will be luckier than I am and get Fox on demand with 24. That would be nice! Take care of yourself.

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