Saturday, September 02, 2006
A Tune to get you up and working again!
*****DJ Shadow:Long stem******
Spot the rif from a metalica! I have to start getting back on my feet today and I think this will help. I love Dj Shadow he has the clinical excellence I need to get me back into my own body. He uses samples from different artists to get his tune and I love his work! You rockers need to step down for my recovery! Watch this space for a healthy Dave back on his feet!

****Updated, I went for the walk around the block this morning(in between down pores!) I got down one side of the block ok....At this point I realized I had reached the half mile point and thought "Its the same length from here to my house which ever way I go!" so I carried on. The other street had a shock for me. All the houses have bushes around there properties. Its very hard to hold on to the wall if it has climbing vines around it or hawthorn bushes. It was only when I came to a space in the wall, 3 houses together with there drive ways combined, that I attempted to cross and my legs 'just went'! I ended up crawling 25 feet to the nearest wall and had great difficulty sitting on it! At this point I was a 3/4 of the way round(very near to the puddle I fell in last week!) When I was asked by a member of the public if I could do with a lift. Chris was a god send! I couldn't make it on my own! I think I might have to revise the whole 'walking around the block' thing. It was so hard! I am broken now and I think I have another hole in my jeans! I am not giving in tho! I can't! I might do something else tho. Anyone have an idea? I have herd swimming is good!

I have a weekend to myself and I am going to use it!

Wish you well

P.S I am going to try it again tomorrow....And the day after and the day after that! I just hope that Chris is available!hehe!
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  • At 8:59 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    If I remember right you mentioned at one time that you can get home health or something similar to take you to a gym...this may be the way to go, and swimming is has been a great thing for many MS'ers. The water helps reduce the resistance off the body while providing the same benefit. :)

  • At 9:06 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Setember 1st "block. I phoned the physio today and requested to be taken to the hospital gym. She is on holiday at the moment and by the time she gets back I think the plan will be in full flow. No one else can do this for me...No one else will." Oh babe!

    Love ya

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