Friday, September 01, 2006
Hyper stress and how can I cure myself?
Is ms just really stressed? Can we really harm ourselves by being stressed out? Are we witness to extreme stress? This could be right you know! When you were first diagnosed with ms were you under stress at all? I was with the ex thats for sure but I hate to think that my brain can be that distructive that I want to hurt myself....SO goth dave!hehe

PMA is allways a good idea and I have reaped the benifits of that with finding Jen thats for sure. But can hyper PMA bring a cure for the intermitance of ms without drugs? This looks promising and I hope it helps my friends out there who are having difficulty at the moment. Click here and see some video of before and after treatment.

The website is:

The thing is I see some light from this. Am I intellegent enough to cause harm to myself? Or is someone out to make a quick buck at the expense of people who have this disease? Makes me think of the people who have killed themselves through depression and I feel the need to kick the living day lights out of everyone who caused me stress in the past! I am pretty glad we dont have the ability to buy guns here if this is true!!!!
Deffinatly something to 'think' about eh!
*****Jamariqui:Too young to die*****
Just got a decline letter from housing benifit as I could not give enough information to the claim. Getting out the house would have helped! Not being able to wright or print a letter to them didn't help! Back to work for me I think!
Know your well!
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  • At 1:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Of course stress makes you sick. That is one of my main problems, I stress out too much. Having MS does not help me stop stressing either! I do think it is something that one can control if he/she learns how to. Thanks for the PMA info. I hope you are well and are able to figure things out. I am mentally kicking the housing benefit people in the shins for you. Take care and do something nice for yourself this weekend (maybe a drink?)


  • At 2:25 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    Sorry to hear about the housing, that sucks! I would fight that if I were you. Stress is something we all deal with. I think some of it we can control and some of it is just part of life, unfortunately. It is important that we do our best to keep a positive mental attitude that is for sure...there have been many studies (not just with MS but also with other illnesses, like cancer) that have showed that having a positive outlook can extend your quality of life. There is something to this that is for sure! :) I don't think there is ever any way to completely eliminate all stress from our lives as it is just a part of life...however I do think there is a way to learn to reduce the stress we bring upon ourself. Does that make sense to you? I hope so! Anyway, thanks for the info. I hope you have a great weekend. Take care of yourself and we will talk soon.

  • At 8:54 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Dont know about you two be I am sick of being sick! Who wants a race to being well again? Something has to give and My ms is going to get a kicking from now on! Who rules my body...ME AND I WANT IT BACK!!!!!


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