Wednesday, September 13, 2006
The only problem with having a good time...
Is there is always a down side! I am knackered. I am really tired at the moment and that can only mean one thing for me. Its giving me lots of time to reflect on what my future holds...I know the future is not set in stone and is not predetermined but I still worry! Do I need constant 'up time' to survive this? There is the thought there all of the time. I think I would have to win the lottery to get rid of this. So I best not worry too much. My life pathway is determined by this disease.

Well think of it this way...

I am going to live in St Annes near my family and until my debt is cleared I wont rest on this issue. I don't want to give stress to the ones I love. They will look after me, care for me, be there for me but me being me, I think they have enough stress on there plates without me.

Who am I to ask for help that I am going to need? I don't have to go there yet and I have some time before the 'ball' starts rolling on this but it will happen.(its all balls when it comes to me isn't it!) I have lots of time before I go! I am going to enjoy every second I have with Jen that's for sure. I love her. If I go to St Annes....That finishes. That stops. That will kill me. Well not kill me I know but it will be hell without her. She keeps me sane and reminds me that there is good things that happen in life. I need to hold on to things that make me feel like this don't I?

Recovery is the time between celebrations. I don't celebrate being run down but I'm looking forward to the next boogie!

Today is going to be a day of recovery and I am going to save my energy for the weekend. My family need to see me happy to. Stress and depression is rife but the norm in theses cases so do bear with me. Its going to last till I see my mum! Its warm today and its not helping with disablment. Need some music to day:

That'll do!

Hope you all are well.

*****Omg look at this:click here to see new drug in testing*******
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