Monday, December 04, 2006
Good and mixed feelings today.
Secret Garden:By Bruce Springsteen
Maria from next door got a phone call this morning........SHE GOT THE JOB!!!

I am happy about this. She seems more confident and focused, to be honest I would say happy too. Every time I see her it makes me think I should focus my attention closer to home.(I mean that in a metaphorical sense and not physical sense, I know she is only next door) There is people in my own family that could do with a firm kick in the pants but I find it hard to shake there impression of an earlier 'Dave' and its going to be hard. Maybe its not my calling to help them, I don't know. But seeing Maria getting her life back on track makes me want to make my family be happy like that. I have no idea on how to help people who are really close to me and that sucks. There is a lady in my life who is screaming out for help but she can't talk to me...You know who you are......Bitch :)!

Maybe now that Maria has a job(starts next Monday) that I can crack on with my research and photo blog. The thing is...I see that as fun and a bit of a hobby but there is still something that is missing.

I have something in the pipe line with Jaime which I think will be a great venture if I can sort out the technical side of it. But we ARE keeping that hush hush for now arnt we Jamie?!?!?

News report today shows some important points. Not for ms but its something that made me cringe. Mr Blair is announcing that fact that he is going to replace the Trident nuclear protection for this country. I thought the cold war was over? When will the human race learn? The harboring of weapons of mass descruction....Hmm where have we heard that before? We will be fine being the 52nd state...won't we??? I don't see this a good thing at all.

And final link for today is rather distressing, Kids with ms. We need to find out whats going on. This is bull shit and no kid should have this hell at all! click here to see the pic of a very young girl and story attached. We need out...The kids shouldnt have this!

Hope you are all well
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  • At 11:56 am, Blogger Natalie Ford said…

    In hindsight and with the aid of my doctors compiling my medical history, I had symptoms as early as 9 years old. I was not diagnosed until I was 30. There is a theory that some types of MS are something you are born with...

  • At 3:38 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Strange isn't it...It still sucks what ever age we are...I really hope they find it easier to cope with it than I do. The idea that they dont know any better is still making me uncomfortable. Good luck kids!


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