Tuesday, February 06, 2007
31 OMG what a head mash up!
I am not just talking about the weekend either. I have been in serious thought over the last couple of days, yes in between drinking, but I know I have to change somethings in my life.(cue the music!)

The two EE's at the top of this page had been given the title Electronic Epitaph. I don't think its quite right. As I read over the work that I have done, the hours at this desk worrying about ms and writhing in pain. I think to myself that the name should be more like Egotistical Endurance and not an epitaph. My childhood is over as I now know, that I am here for a short while. Life is short. We all die and that is a fact. Its what we do while we are here that counts......Isn't it? Do I try and join the masses and try harder than them to be the best of the best? I don't think I have it in me any more. I am going to do something else. I need to change gear and work towards longevity rather than fight the ego battle that society plays on people.
I am going to try my hardest to be happy. If your not happy you don't have any fight left in you.(that statement is for me not you!)

That being the case....I am going to be trying to be the happiest hippy I can be from now on. I don't want to follow any one's idea of happiness. Thats not finding my own! I am going to be using my energy to be happy while not causing any pain to others. So maybe egotistical is not quite right eh?

Best quote from this weekend has to be this:
"Talking religion to an Atheist is like trying to explain cheese to an alien"

Ego aside.
Stay happy and live long!
Thankyou for all the birthday wishes. Your all stars!
Hope your all well(Its great to be back!)
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