Thursday, February 01, 2007
Birthday eve.
******Primus:Groundhog's Day********

Yeah my birthday falls on groundhog day. Its just another day eh! The film Groundhog Day almost covers my feelings on tomorrow. Its just a day that repeates itself over and over and over from now on! Well this one is not fiction. My life is exactly that..its mine! This year is a bit different to last. Its a leap year(Its not!)...OK that's the best I can think of. I am in a different flat. I am still very happy and in love with a beautiful woman.(that's something I will never change but...) But I am older.

Well its my diary and I am happy to report my feelings over tomorrow. We all have to get older. I just have one question...How do you do it gracefully with this disease?

Just shut up and except it I guess!
Hope your all well
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