Friday, July 20, 2007
Another day of silence. Well sort of!
Metallica - Orion/To Live Is To Die/Call Of Ktulu (Medley)

Had a day of music(Metalica specifically) and searching the Internet. I have been invited to join another website. I saw the site on the news this morning as people have been placing to much personal information on it and there are to many 'bad people' out there in the ether who will abuse it. Shame as it is a great site! I have met up with a few old friends and typed out a news report to all.

My right hand is having difficulty today.

Maria has been round a couple of times today. I am pained by her trauma's. Every time I get involved with someone else's life that way it, to use a Jen'ism, 'Negs me out'. I wish I could just click my fingers and solve her problems. Second to getting rid of ms of course but you know what I mean. Any stress kicks my ass I don't need it from other sources. I have my own stuff to deal with.

Right back to music and relaxing before Jen gets here tomorrow. Can't wait for a Jen hug.

Stay well
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  • At 4:51 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    I am noticing a pattern here, Maria stops by, your ms shows it ugly head. You hit it on the nail, stress is NOT good for us. You are always such a good friend to people and that is a wonderful quality. Make sure to remember to put you first. If it hurts her feelings, well that is unfortunate, but as a friend she needs to recognize your needs as well. Your health comes first!

    Take care.


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