Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Heat scan bit.....ooooo scarey stuff!
Hello all
Lat nigh went for a heart scan at a private hospital near to where I live. It wasn't scarey... Its just that I had my top off and an girl ran the scan while my g/f was in the room. Yet again I have been half naked in the same room as 2 women. How lucky is that!!! Well maybe not considering why I was there! Well as I mentioned in my previouse update I am moving house tomorrow (not for medical resons) and will have to save all my energy for moving all I can. My girlfriend is being a star an getting a van and setting herself to move everything. My parents are coming down to help on wednesday night so we should be in full flight for the next few days. This being the case I will not put an update down for a while . Please dont worry and keep your heads above water till my broadband is cut over to next house. My next update should have heart scan results and first try of medication so if I am very angry and short with next update you know why! Speak soon to you all!
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Sunday, November 28, 2004
Hello all
I just want to take an update to thankyou all for your comment, website's and suggestions. I cant thank you enough for your wishes and good advice. I am sure my friends and family will be adding to this at some point. Mental note to tell every one about this! I havent posted for 2 days as with every thing happening at the moment its all coming a bit fast for me. I had some christmas shopping to do and it turned into a bit of a nightmare happened when I had to sit down in the shopping centre when kids where running around and laughing. My want to get up and scream was greater than any emotion you can amagine. My girlfriend when into all the shops as every time I went into a store I was holding onto anything at shoulder hight. I was still getting the impression that people were looking at me. I think this is paranioia more than enything else, but it took it out of me so much. I saw somone in a motorised cart smiling and I knew that was a sign to get on with life. "You can still have a life" I said to myself and get on with speaking to people! So here I am, still ill but having more determination to fight! be carefull MS there are some pissed off people who will defeat you!
Keep Laughing Keep fighting this and Keep you head about you!
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Saturday, November 27, 2004
the disease seems to have no stopping....
I have received mail from all over the globe wishing me well and encouragement. there are quite a few people who have left a message on my blog or sent me an emailwishing me well. becca, erik and eriks wife are only a few. I wll check everyones blogs and reply to all when I can. please check out Eriks blog if you can Its scarey but informative. If you are a newbie like me I would love to hear from you so please keep them coming. I would like to carry on working and plan to return to work next monday. If i can only get over this drinking to much thing! I will be moving house next week and I will not be able to move much. My girlfriend is very understaning and has bough in her mates to help. But it still makes me feel a bit low. I will keep the blog upto date as it is giving a few laughs when reading replies. I am getting my first bit of medication next monday and I am not looking forward to the sickness that comes with it. Iwill keep you advised what happens as soon as it does. Keep you head up!
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Friday, November 26, 2004
so angry!
I have just tried to walk the half mile to the nearest shop and on the way back I had to stop every 100 meters. I sat on walls and held on to lamp posts all the way home. its bad when you see people looking at you like your a drunk. if you manage to fall over you are knackered getting up! I really hope this medication does some thing so i can get back some dignity. (Even my spelling would be good) I hate this f**king disease. not only does it effect every one close to you.....its just a down day! Hope there are some good stories out there somewhere. Hope your all in a better place than me right now!
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
hello all
just thought I would give an update as every diary should. I have received the news that I have the strongest form of MS. for the people who dont know I have Primary Progressive MS. That meeans the cannot give me things to make me better... they can only give me somthing to stop the progression of the disease. It also could stop me having kids.....if I find that later in my life that I wanted them. I have to have a heart scan to see if my body can cope with the bodily stress. Mitoxantrone is the next step. It has had some great results for people with lukemia and cancer. Of which I dont have either. The Doctor has advised it will stop my production (or calm down) the production of white blood cells. oooh marvalouse!. It appears that white blood cells are attacking the MS and that is distrying my never endings. Can any one suggest anything funny that will get me out of the depression?
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
I have been advised by several people to make a diary of events in my life to date. I have been diagnosed with MS and need to keep some notes to keep me sain. Please forgive any spelling mistakes as its not height on my priority to keep English spelling correct. Gamma also.
so this is a public draft of personal hell.This is a diary for me, my sanity, my escape. I have been diagnosed with MS on the 1st of November 2004 at 19:00 hrs. That does’t mean I have letters after my name.

I have an infection in my nervous system called multiple sclerosis. This has been bought to light after a year of NHS investigation. I got a-bit pissed off waiting for the results and being put on the waiting list for an MRI scan. I wish I were not as eager to find out the results as the result is quite scary.What is it? Why are my legs, drunken legs what’s the cause? What happens next? This will come to light with future updates.

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ms....not just a diary
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