Monday, January 03, 2005
Well what next I hear you scream!
Happy new year everyone! hope that illness is not knock at your door...what ever the illness!
I have had a good xmas and new matter the flu and and ms. My new year resolution is to not type ms in capitals! It doesnt deserve it! It has been good to see everyone in the family (cheers pocketpunk) and its been good to see friends too! Even tho there were some people who I hadn't met before They all knew I had ms! so I didn't feel to embarised. It was funny!
Having flu isn't going down well in my house at all. my girlfriend also has flu so we are a snotty in this house. At least she doesnt have the ms legs! I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
I felt the need to carry on the blog after my last update. After the disaster in the east...somthing is telling me life goes on and we need to carry on! Its like have a death in the family....I am sure there is upset and depression...there allways will be but...we have to fight together for a better life so that we can so the best momrail to the many who have died! We cannot stop the world falling apart on are own! Let start on ther small things first! I hope that everyone is donating something for the fight against the following disease and plight. I am!
At the end of the day life goes on. We can make the life we have together better by getting on with it!
Right I am getting off the podeum now! Lets start this year to make it better than last year......It cant be worse!
I have no other new year resolutions apart from I will love my g/f more1 I will fight fight this disease more! I will carry on having a LIFE! I will try and laugh every day and last but not least.....I will try and get more people to laugh with me...even if that means showing my ugly ass here on the blog!
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