Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Ahhhh my god! Restbite please!
Another day of pain is here to stay! I am allready so looking forward to the weekend and its only tuesday! I am going to my parents house and cant wait to see the family. I so need to hug my mum!

I am trying to keep myself busy around the house just to keep my body working! I have even changed my smoking habbits to keep my fingers busy! I am smoking rolling tabaco instead of pre-rolled so I dont loose the use of my hands! I am typing more so I can return to work in full flow! If you dont use them you loose them type thing! I bathe more oftern so I dont end up being bathed by somone else!(you dont know who the NHS would send in the future!!!lol) I do feel more relaxed about raising the money for the jump. Its the principal rather than the amount at the moment! I have the coffee machine working all the time to keep me awake as now hate being dead to the world! The fatigue is playing on my nerves(how ironic eh!) The only thing that not active is my mind! I cant seem to pick up a book as I get half way through a line and the page goes....well blurry....I know its a concentration thing! I think more about my friends and I want to make sure there ok too! I cant wait for the holiday with Em and Bobby(great bloke who has a blog here too,check his page for more details about my friend!) its going to be so much fun!

I am dreaming alot more now I am not smoking weed during the week. I think that might be a lession thing as I replay things that have happend over the past year! The jealousy thing with Sinead the worry of getting my own place, the love I feel for Jen on that first kiss and every time I see her!(cant wait till next week babe!) Its just making me think about doing something else amazing! You know the "things to do before I die" things seem more important! I might do some travelling or somthing! Yet again the money thing comes into play....

Do I want to keep my independance or spend like a fool! If I dont keep my independance I will just give up! Need to see Jen asap! She allways has a different view point which I love about her! She doesnt have the "I am sorry for you Dave"look or the "why you doing that!" look! Mixed feelings today I guess! Might have something to do with the music I am listening to today!(Elliott Smith!)

Need some restbite!

Hope you are all well

*Just been in touch with the ms trust who are going to send me some info, forms collection tins ect ect and they are going to premote my blog too! I think I might have to clean up my act a bit!lol See even on a bad day I can do somthing! So can you!
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  • At 12:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dave,give mum a great big hug! lol
    i am always trying to change things as well ie: diet, trying to quit smoking, but i always return to where i was. i think you are brave to do the jump god bless, i hear it feels like no other. take care

  • At 1:21 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    Dave I know when I am having a bad moment nothing is better than being with my mom. It feels like the whole rest of the world is invisible for that moment. Just keep thinking about how great your holiday is going to be!!!

  • At 1:43 am, Blogger mouse said…

    It seems like everyone's in a funk right now. The flare's are all over the MS blogs. Could it be the New Moon? Do we all do better on a Full Moon? I'm going to check all the archives for 2 weeks ago. Hope things get better for you too. AHOOOOO!

  • At 7:40 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    well it is coming up on halloween....halloween...eh! Ha ha ha!


  • At 11:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello wondered if anyone could help me please, My little sister has austism and a brain of an 8 year old and she is 15, so this can be very difficult, when my mum and dad are working i look after her, (sister 19) She is very hard work and we find it hard to adapt to her ways sometimes, and we just need help in dealing with her, just so she is under control. If anyone knows of how we go about getting Restbite or any help could you please email me or ad me on msn or something (beckierocks@hotmail.co.uk) Many thanks Beckie xx

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