Saturday, October 01, 2005
I have just got into bed with google!
Woke up this morning hating ms as usual and decided to get some funding from them! Its not a it? I feel like a google whore!lol

Seeing as I can get paid for this(how ever much this maybe!) I think I will spend more time on it! I have a party planned for tonight with a group of good mates! Beer a plenty! I cant wait to see people in my house should be a great laugh!

I have noticed that I am more mobile in the morning! I should be using this time to do something shoulnt I? I wake up on the weekend and get to the frount room and lie down to watch tv!...I think I could even do the watch tv in bed if I was really lazy! I would have to get a tv in the bedroom tho! Need to clean flat and get satans hoover out!grrr!

Music for today....Justin Robertson:Imprint #1....Orbital:Implant(who am I kidding! I cant put down Jamie Cullum!hehe!)

These are dance tunes....I hate that word 'dance' They are different to the jazz tunes I have been doing recently..(I am still looking forward to the hard house stage!)..I think I am entering a different stage music wise....As you know this happens quite frequently, I find changing the music can change how the body or your brain reacts for the day! Try it! Anyway I will tell you how the party goes tomorrow!

Take care peeps have a great weekend!
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