Tuesday, September 27, 2005
I am so looking forward to my holiday!
I did 3/4 of a day today and I know why too!
Let me explaine a bit...you might remember me telling you about the ergonimic chair that work has provided. If not its blue and screams this person is 'not normal!' I hate it but it means I can sit there and look important from a great height! It lets me do those full day things! Anyway there is now a few people at work who have these...tall people and people with bad back ect ect. There is a guy who has returned to work and he has taken a chair.....mine! He has a bad back! So I had great pleasure going up to him and saying "Listen you f*ck get a disease like mine and I will give you the f'ing chair!" After he crawled out of the corner he gave me my chair back.....this process went on after every break! He says he has one of these chairs before he went off sick, so a team manager had to find one in another part of the building! I just know he is pulling a fast one! You should have seen his face when I told him about I had ms! Sponsership form has been pushed to his inbox! hehe!

I have started to collect pleges for sponsership all ready and its going really well I have photocopied the form 7 times before passing to every floor! I even have the night shift collecting! I know that a girl from night shift has a brother with ms and she nearly ripped my arm off for the forms! 1st form has got £74.96 on it! The thing is the forms come back to me, so anyone who who donates anything less than a pound is going to get me explaning the sh*t we have to go through for a couple of days!(perfect opportunity for me to fall on thier desk!)

"oh I am sorry does this job not pay you enough to donate money? and seeing as how I trained you to do this I am sure you can do more!" Go get them Dave! I will have more money for this jump! Are you proud or ashamed? I am fighting for my right to get some money for the ms society! We will get a cure one day or my names not susan....oh its tuesday aint it....I mean Dave!

Stress seems to bring on the pain in my legs thats why I am home! I had a phone call from the ms drugs wagon who say my first delivery of copaxone is on the 5th of October! i have to get in touch with the ms nurse and arrange a home visit for training on how to inject! I am looking forward to the benifits of this drug. We will see! How can I be scared of this if I am prepaired to jump out of a plane!

Music for the day has to be:
Massive Attack:Mezzanine
Cold play:Rush of blood to the head
Take care
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  • At 4:09 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    Go get 'em Dave!! You should be proud of yourself for doing what you are doing for YOU!!! (oh yeah and for me too..he he) Really the Copaxone is gonna be a cake walk you'll see.

  • At 4:39 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    cheers for the comments on your blog about pinching my bum! If i could arrange a trip to the states do you want to meet up? I would love to do a round trip over there! i have so many funky friends over there! You would be on the list deffo! Number 13 is my new favorite number now!

  • At 1:52 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    MS is a silent disease ... so may people have it but you would not know unless you reveal your condion and they chime in. Surprising, isnt it?

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