Monday, October 03, 2005
Help me please!
I woke up at 05:00 this morning having a nightmare about the jump! I wasnt worried about the falling bit! I was worried that I cant do it coz I havent raised enough cash! Honestly! I was thinking of the embasisment through the blog! What you guys would think! I even emailed Sinead asking for help with a sponsership this morning! I so want to prove myself with this! Please please please help me do this! It would mean a great deal to me to do somthing for us!

I have called in sick at work today as in pain and the stress is a bit much! I have spoken to my team manager who said she will continue collecting at work for me! but somthing is telling me its not enough! What else can I do? Any idea's?

Pleae help me!

I have removed the pic by request of a very close friend. Sorry to say that vix but I now know that there are better ways without upsetting anyone! We need to stick together on this! sorry for upsetting the apple cart girls! To be compleatly honest I am sh*t scared of what this disease has allready done and will do in the future to my body! I hope there is people out there who are willing to shock and raise money to get rid of this nightmare! I am sorry if I have offened by showing the pic but at the same time I respect what vix has done to raise that amount of money!
Just take care of each other
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