Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Just watched one of the best movies in my collection! Well I have nothing else to do! It has music(king curtis:Whiter shade of pale,jimi hendrix:vodoo chile ect)the best characters (Whithhnail and I) Richard E Grant and Paul McGann. About two actors in the 60's and the throws of drug induced unemployment! Every 30 seconds there is a quote I have used in every day life! Its deffinatly a favorite and would love to watch it a second third and 4th time in one day! I think I want to give this a five star rating! Dont watch it if you easliy offended! It shows some great english madness and makes me wonder what the scottish holiday will be like for us....hehe! I think I want to use this as starting point for reviewing movies in the future on my blog! So we have food,music,photographs and movie reviews! just throw "The finest wines known to humanity" into the equation and you have my life in a nut shell! The ending to the movie shows Withnall reciting some William shakespeer that moves the soul and you have the perfect movie! Sorry if this isnt your usual type of movie! Its a 15 but there is so much swearing to show the plight of the time...I think it should be a 18!
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