Friday, October 07, 2005
Life is one big hang over looking for the asprin!
Today I do actually have the hang over from hell and its all my own fault! I managed to go out last night cause I was forced! I was taken by surpize! I was settling in for the night to watch movies and attempt to make the liquid Dave possition on the couch when I got a text from Bobbeh saying he was coming round to my house. Ok....not a strange request by any means! Couple of beers with a mate.....sounds good to me, got a crate of beer in the fridge....why not! Then got a text from Em saying she is going to get Bobbeh a present for his birthday on the 7th and would I like to come to the Trafford Centre(big mall!) to look! I turned to Bobbeh and say "are you coming?" and thats where the night got crazy! (maybe crazeh lol!) We went for a couple of beers thats all! Then we went for food(I had to have mexican!) then more beer then back to mine to finish the crate of beer! Got very emotional with two of my best buds! It wasnt till 3 in the morning that I noticed I HAD been out like a normal human is possible even when knackered! I am going on holiday with these guys!

I didnt even relise I considered myself any thing else but human but it was pointed out that I looked at myself as disabled and I shouldnt! Eye opener! To have two people poiting out that I am a "top bloke" bought a tear to the eye! I love them both very much and will make ever effort to be the best I can be for them aswell as me! They are coming tonight too!yey! (I just hope they bring more beer lol!)
Happy birthday Bobbeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you like the cd I got you mate! Next step, going out on the pull for all 3 of us!Hehe! Watch out scotland here we come! Todays tunes is a Bobbeh favorite! It has to be the....Cinematic Orchestra:The Awaking of the Woman

I think I have found my asprin cheers guys!
Hope everyone is ok
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