Thursday, October 06, 2005
Sick days tunes!
Got up like sludge from a sewer pipe this morning! 1st tune on...
Beatles:Elanor Rigby

"Why!" I hear you ask! Its "All the lonley people where do they all come from" line sort of gets me! I spend sick days on my own. I think thats why. then it can go either way depending on the severity of the sickness....
The Doors:Stange days (makes me feel better to think I am not the only one having the strange days.)
Or if its a mild ms pain day and I am looking forward to woman interaction...
The Doors:Love me two times (its the "I am going away" line that means something here!)
Also reminds me of a girl I once knew! (the first boobs I saw out doors!hehe) I was only 15 so I will rember her allways!
If its a serve pain day I usually tune to house to build up agression! I think the more agression I have towards the disease the better my confidence will be when well again! It works for me and I wouldnt expect others out there to have the same taste in music as me....yes some of the tunes I listen to maybe but I listen to so much different music types now I would shock you with the amount of classical and of the wall types. I love the energy of music in any format. I think its a life thing!

It does depend on my mind state too! but I have every avenue covered now I think and I am allway collecting more every day! Nitan Sawhney, Nizlopi,Biffy Clyro,Kosheen,U2, Radiohead,Muse,Cinematic Orchestra,Nivana,Hernan Cattaneo, LTJ Bukem,Iron Maiden,Linkin park,Slayer,Cold Play,Aphex Twin,Travis,Leftfield,Mortzart,Rage against the machine,Led Zepplin, get the idea?

This makes me happy and I am glad to use the time being ill to find it and listen to it! Why not I have f*ck all else to do! I want to experence life....because I still have one! So do you! I might not be able to walk far but I can travel arround the world from my pc! It could allways be better but its how good I make it!

Hope your all good and listening to some great tunes,please tell me what music you listen too!

P.s got some dvd's through the post today(with my outfit for halloween!pics at later date!) I recieved:American History X,Fight Club,Romper Stomper and Trainspotting! Reviews to follow at later date.
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  • At 12:41 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    Dave American History X is one of my favorite movies iut is soooo good. I think you will like it . For me it helps that EDward Norton is in and I think he is oh so cute!!!

  • At 2:57 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Edward Norton is now one of my favorite actors after fight club! To finish any movie with the sound of the Pixies just rules! but having Edward in it too only helps! Personally I have no urge towards him like that but he is a damb good actor!


  • At 3:13 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    A day of tunes ... not too shabby. Personally, I'm an 'Industrial' music type of guy ... not for mass consumption.

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