Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Work / Life balance! please read second update copaxzone here!
I am off again! Yesterday was a bit of a blur! I woke up and put movies on...slept while some of the movies were on! Sort of driffed in and out of sleep and would text people when I was awake! I did manage to drink a load of coffee but it didnt seem to work very well at all! It got to 9 oclock!...I was awake! I spoke to bobbeh>>>>>>>>>> on msn messenger for a while spoke to Em too! Then the pain started! I sat through it for 30 mins then just needed some relief. I am trying to stay away from the drugs cabinate as I would like to save my liver(for the beer you relise!lol) so I got a joint rolled and relaxed a bit....well alot! I know I have said in the past that I have said I dont smoke IT during the week because of work! But last night was the stangest pain in the right hand side of my body....all the way from feet(which felt cold) to the right nostril!

I have woken this am to the same pain but I am not touching weed today! I think somthing legal might be the right step! If that doesnt work....then I will try again with the weed! I GP my nero and my ms nurse have suggested it in the past....all of the record tho! Now its on record I suppose(hehe!) its up to me if it works I am going to do it! I just hope the pain goes away! I hate typing with one hand!

Today is the day I start taking my life back...(have I said that before?) I need to eat better excersise propley and get some routine sorted! I need to get back to work too! The Work/Life balance is pretty weighed towards the life but it I think its broken a bit!

Need to feel better now! Music is needed.....just found it in the collection of Dave....Leftfield:Storm 3000....this is from the Leftism album!(yes I have got it Sinead! Thanks for checking!)Todays tune: Massive attack:teardrop(one of my fav's!)

Back to work tommorrow what ever happens!(fingers crossed x!)

I will get better If guys promise to!

P.S Bring on the jump Bitch!lol
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  • At 10:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Dave
    Well, th is is the first blog I've seen by anyone with PPMS. I am glad to see this, glad you are writing your feelings. I have PPMS or at least something close to it. I am so far, undiagnosed. I have a neurologist who doens't know quite what to do..he said whatever it is , it is closest to MS than anything else. BUt its progressing so fast.. Anyway he says it is an "atypical presentation of MS" most likely. What's atypical is that the MRI showed no lesions( it happens in about 5% of cases anyway) and neither did the lumbar puncture( also happens in about 5%) but all the symptoms and the way they are occurring is very typical.
    I have seen VERY LITTLE stuff written about PPPMS. Everythiign , including research and study groups, seems to be for those wit hRRMS. I get so dpressed
    I can hardly ty0e, cant walk anymore withotu a walker and even that is getting to the point whereI know it wont be long till i use a wheelchair aaal the time.Peolpe are sympathetic, they are nice ( and no they never really understand) but I am scared anyway . I put on a smile but inside im scared. I wanted to know someone else in the same boat as me.....thats' why I wrote this. To thank you for writiing whats in your8 heart.
    I see that you are doing what you enjoy. So am I. I do watch a lot of tv(what else is there to d owhen you cant stand up anymore and have a numb hand and arm so cant even write or cook or sew or anything useful anymore?) and listen to music and read. Those things I do enjoy. I watch alot of movies.....
    Iim sort of sick of this but what else can I do? what kind of insane life is this!
    Anyway Dave, my best wishes to yoy.

  • At 10:39 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    hi K, thanks for the note! I want to help as many people as possible and I am allways hearing from people like yourself! Its a shame I cant get in contact with you as I would be able to give you some pointers in the right way depending on the country your in! I find it hard to type to but yet again I can point out tips... If you wish to mail me direct without the world reading dont hesitate to email me and we can have a chat! If you wish my email is:

    First question is allways going to be..what country are you in?
    2.Sex...if you say please I know your female!lol
    3.what meds you on so far?
    4. what supplements do you take?
    5.Who is your Nerologist and where does he practice
    *you dont have to answer the next one*
    6. what music you into?

    I wont go into detail on the blog honest but hints and tips are allways free from me! I have recieve most from the people to the right of the blog and they work! I hate to welcome anyone to the disease...but as you said you havent been diagonosed yet so I will keep my fingers crossed for ya! Please do get in touch! I will be honest with you! Good luck and get in touch please this bit is the hardest!

    Love and hugs

  • At 1:31 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    Dave you are such a great sweet guy!! I just wanted to let ya know that I am ready to attempt for us to walk down the street together so we are not falling or walking in circles!!! LOL LOL

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