Monday, November 07, 2005
And all that jazz!
Spent the weekend at the family home with so many thoughts running through my head about the last year! The good, the bad and the ugly! I think this weekend starting with the beutifull Jen hasnt helped!

I know I love her, Thats for sure but I am so confussed! I am causing her some mental problems making her thinking about the relationship she has with the boyfriend...that doesnt do me any favors either! Am I worth her changing the unhappy situation she has? I want to be! Is ms a problem when trying to start a new relationship....deffo! Do I know the next step for this disease.....god damb it no! Does anyone? How can I change me to help! Do I need to! Is ms even an issue when it comes to this? Isnt it the same for everyone regardless of disability? Well...

I have got some great music from my dad! The jazz monster!hehe

Jan Garbarek
Micheal Brecker
Mike Mawueri
Heavy Shift

I love each one of them! Music in it best format! Jazz! Europe jazz too! If anyone can tell me names to check out I will! Bobbeh told me to check out Stuart Mccallum and he is amazing! I am a jazz infant but want to listen to more! I think any music is worth a listen...if its great then fine, if its poo then I can allways turn it off.

There isnt much I dont like tho! Life and all that Jazz!hehe

Hope you are all ok
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